How are you creative?!

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Not if but HOW…….. the difference is important! In the current climate, as global economies start tip toeing back towards better times, innovation is back on the agenda. Creativity is the core behaviour that fuels innovation, but the problem is that the vast majority of the workforce do not think they are creative……but they are!! It is simply because the process of creativity (an intended contradiction in terms!) is not really understood. So, let’s break down creativity into 5 different behaviours and see which of them you feel most comfortable at:

How are you creative?!

Stimulators are creatures of diversity and love exploring new angles and avenues. They often come up with lots of ideas on the spot, and their inspiration springs from many different sources. They are very curious about the world around them, hopping from one topic to the next! Without Stimulators, the flower bed of ideas would be very dry!


The spotter

Spotters are able to look at all the stimulus available and unearth little gems with big potential. They are comfortable dealing with lots of data, and by making connections between unrelated pieces of information, they discover the seeds of powerful ideas amongst all the rubbish. Without Spotters, valuable nuggets would remain unspotted!!


The sculptor

Sculptors are the architects and builders. Driven by a clear vision, they have the ability to take half-formed ideas to their conclusion, making them even better and stronger. Sculptors are able to articulate and express ideas clearly and succinctly, using either words, images or both. Without Sculptors, ideas would not make the journey from concept to concrete!


The selector

Selectors are great at separating the good from the not so good, using either information or intuition or both. They are comfortable comparing options, and considering the commercial and practical implications of each. They like asking questions so that they can understand things better. Without Selectors, the wrong choices would be made!



Supporters are the oil that makes the wheels turn. They love facilitating the creative process. They understand group dynamics and are able to sense individual energies in the room. Their strongly developed ‘human empathy muscle’ is their core strength. Without Supporters, the potential of neither the people nor the process would be maximised!


Each of the behaviours are fundamental within any creative process. None is more or less important than the others. But here is the key thing. Not everybody is equally strong at all of them but most people are good at one or more of them…….so everybody can feel confident that they can justify their place at the creative table!

It is not if but HOW you are creative!!

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