The Stimulator

"another idea is..."

Stimulators are creatures of diversity. They love exploring and are often the first to discover new things. They soak up inputs like a sponge. In conversation, they hop effortlessly from topic to topic. They fertilise the flowerbed of new ideas.

The Spotter

"Hang on, we're on to something here ..."

Spotters have great vision and tend to see things that others miss. They can spot potential ideas based on only the tiniest bits of stimulus. They intuitively make connections between seemingly unrelated pieces of information and what emerges are often the beginnings of a real gem!

The Sculptor

"Building on what you said, we could..."

Sculptors are the builders and storytellers of this world. They are good conceptual thinkers who have the vision to take the outline of an idea and build it into something concrete and tangible. They are skilful at articulating ideas through descriptive language, appropriate images or both.

The Selector

"The one that stands out to me is..."

Selectors are great at separating the good from the not so good. They’re comfortable comparing several options and considering the pros, cons and wider implications of each. Selectors are primarily objective, their prime motivation being to make the best decision.

The Supporter

"I think we're heading in the right direction..."

Supporters are the oil that makes the wheels turn. They love collaborating and are good at facilitating the creative process. When entering unknown territories, Supporters lead the way by making others feel comfortable about the ambiguities ahead.