Do you speak Creative?

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If you wanted to walk all the way from London to Warsaw, a scenic route would take you across a number of different countries, including France, Belgium, Germany, the Czech Republic, before reaching Poland. The people in each of those countries all have unique traits and characteristics, as well as the most obvious manifestation of their nationality, their own language. Now, if you could not rely on the fact that many people on your journey would have a rudimentary grasp of English, then it would be an advantage to understand some basic facts about their culture and language if you were to reach your Polish destination.

The creative process is also a journey of sorts that takes you through a number of different ‘countries’. In each ‘country’, it is important that you speak the appropriate ‘language’ with the ‘inhabitants’ in order to make progress towards the promised land – The IDEA.

creative process

Although the creative process does represent a journey, it is one full of uncertainty. There is no guarantee that it will end with a pot of gold. To give yourselves the best possible chance of achieving success, you can at least do your best to better understand the ‘countries’ you need to pass through and ‘speak the local language’.

We Brits do not have a great track record of learning either Czech or Polish, but at least we can try and learn the different dialects of the Creative language.

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